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Dear Pomona School Families,

With the early start we had this year, this newsletter finds us well into the first quarter of learning!  We started this school year with several new staff members and welcomed many new families to our Pomona School Community.  Children have all taken the iReady assessment, that lets teachers know where students’ strengths lie in the area of Reading.  In addition, all children in second through fifth grade were given the AVMR math screener to determine the same information in math. With these beginning of the year assessments behind us, we now have the data necessary to help us best meet the needs of our children.  The teachers have worked hard to develop goals specific to our school that will guide the work that we do to support learners this year.  Strengthening our Professional Learning Community at Pomona continues to be a top priority.  As always, the Wednesday afternoon work we do together is focused around continual improvement for all learners and the goal is to help support our staff with their individual learning needs.

This year, teachers across the district are going to be teaching students about the “Habits of Mind.”  This is part of School District 51’s Unified Improvement Plan.  There are 16 Habits of Mind, and they are qualities that will help our learners be more successful.  They include things like: thinking and communicating clearly, persisting, thinking flexibly, managing impulsivity, listening with understanding and empathy, using humor, striving for accuracy, etc.  While all learners will be exposed to all habits of mind, each grade level is specifically focusing on two.

In the monthly newsletter we will feature two “Habits for Home” from the list of 16. Please help your child practice these habits at home to help make them more successful!

PERSISTING - Stick to it! This means persevering to complete a task while remaining focused and looking for ways to reach goals when stuck. Not giving up is the key here.

MANAGING IMPULSIVITY - Take your time! This requires children to think before acting, and teaching them to remain calm, thoughtful and deliberative.


Emma-Leigh Larsen, Principal

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