Pomona Elementary School
Principal's Corner November 2018

Dear Pomona Families,

It always amazes me how quickly the holidays seem to be upon us.  In looking back, we have accomplished a great deal in the first three months of school, but there is still a lot more to come!  We continue to focus our efforts in the areas of Social and Emotional Learning, Math and English Language Arts to support our school goals of increasing student growth and achievement across all grade levels.

Wednesday afternoon work with teachers is designed to support those school goals as well as implementation of the District 51 Learning Model. In all classrooms, we are providing Reading and Math instruction using a workshop approach and are constantly challenging ourselves to learn the best ways to help your child. We are implementing Lucy Calkins Writing, a writing resource, and Lucy Calkins Reading, a reading resource.  These resources help us to share common language and expectations for writing and reading as children move through the grade levels. We are providing daily interventions for students that are struggling in one or more academic area and are providing enrichment to help our highest achievers. You can help us to support our goal by providing opportunities for your child to talk at home about what they are doing in school.

Our Unified Improvement Plan was shared with our Pomona School Accountability Committee on November 2, 2017.  We are well underway with all major improvement strategies for increasing student growth and achievement. The Pomona School Community is committed to helping each learner to achieve and grow at high levels and we welcome your involvement in that process.  Please consider volunteering your time in your child’s classroom or at your child’s school. We have lots of opportunities for involvement that vary based on your availability!  Please let us know how you would like to help!

The holidays often cause us to reflect on those things that make us most thankful.  As you gather with friends and family this holiday season, please take time to recognize the wonderful contributions of the children in our lives.

Warmest regards,

Emma-Leigh Larsen