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Please welcome our PTO officers for the 2019-2020 school year:

President: Nancy Strippel

Vice-President: Katrina Katen 

Treasurer: Jennifer Steerman

Secretary: Cindy Sisac  



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January 14, 2019

Call to order

A meeting of Pomona PTO was called to order by Connie Tipton on Jan 14, 2019 at 4:06 pm.


Attendees included Pres- Connie Tipton, Vice Pres- Katrina Katen, Secretary- Cheryl Masters, Treasurer- Melinda Uselman. Staff included Principal- Emma Leigh Larsen, Shelly Smith, Kari Greenlee and Stacy Trujillo. Other members Hannah Bou-Mater, Nancy Strippel, Jennifer Steerman, Cindy Sisac.

Approval of minutes

Jennifer Steerman motioned to accept, Nancy Strippel 2nd

Library Etiquette was reminded, Clean up after our kids, No touching the books

Treasurer Report

Emma Leigh motioned to accept Cheryl Masters 2nd. We made $2,295 from Fundraiser we are $5,205 short for line items

Emma Leigh bought her tables that were approved in Nov, instead of reimbursing, PTO will pay for Teachers luncheon

Shirt sales netted us $777.30 in Profit, Melinda asked to have shirts as a line item. Cindy Sisac 2nd it. City Market money went down we need to remind people to sign up.

Melinda will deposit 3 checks.

Grant Request

Mrs Stansbury requested $235.95 for A Might at Museum for 5th grade. They are books that can be  used over again

Cheryl Masters motioned to accept, Jennifer Steerman 2nd

Fundraising Committee

Came up with two ideas for next year. Read-A thon and a Talent Show. Info about both are attached to minutes.

Since we are short, committee will decide if they are up to getting the Read a thon going for this year, or wait until next year, and stick with Krispy Kreme donuts for this years other fundraiser. Will let us know by the 21st.

PR Committee

Sign up went around to help sell shirts and blast about City Market rewards during Science night.

Other Business

Family night theme is to be Birthday Party- May 16th, committee to form

Meeting adjourned 5:05

Next meeting is Feb 4th



October 8, 2018

Call to order

A meeting of Pomona PTO, Monday Oct 8th at 4:05 pm,Connie Tipton called meeting to order


Attendees included Connie Tipton- President, Katrina Katen- VP, Melinda Uselman- Treasurer,

Cheryl Masters- Secretary, Lori Wilson,  Nancy Strippel, Brenda Burton, Hannah Bou-Matar,Brittany Forkner, Cincy Sisac, STAFF- Cinnamon Cain- Vice Principal, Tracy Berg, Amanda Stacy, Kari Greenlee.

Approval of Minutes

Lori Wilson motioned to accept. Amanda Stacy accepted- Add Cindy Sisac to PR committee

Library Etiquette

We need to make sure library is clean and tables are where they belong. We will make sure our kids dont get into the books.


Treasury Report by Melinda- Motion to accept by Lori Wilson, Brenda Burton second.

PR Committee

Nancy Strippel- Would like volunteers to sign up at our activites for Tshirt sales and getting people signed up for City Market rewards. Passed around a sign up sheet, We need more FB followers- We now have PayPal so it may make selling easier. When we use the PayPal it is already in catergories. Tshirts, Hoodies etc...


Pastries for Parents Oct 25th- Brenda Burton- $540 for 400 donuts and 200 muffins from Homestyle. Safeway will be $329 for 24 doz assorted, 10 doz glazed and 17 doz muffins.

We will set up outside the double doors after the library, meeting at 7:40. Brenda made handouts to go in Thursday the 18th folders



Lori Wilson, Brenda Burton and Cheryl Masters will brainstorm a FUNdraising letter to go home by Nov 5th. Pics from Clusters so Parents can see where the money is going.They will have until the 15th to return. Hopefully we wont need any other fundraiser.

Krispy Kreme would be a good backup when weather gets nicer.

When pies were sold, made $22,000. in sales, Profit was $8,800.

Other ideas – Breakfast, Valentines Day candy grams, Restaurants.

Next meeting come with other fundraising ideas in case the donation letter is a bust.

Next meeting is Nov 12th

Meeting closed 5:05



PTO Archives

City Market Card Fundraiser:


If your child has previously attended Pomona you may already be familiar with the

City Market Community Rewards Program. If you shop at City Market and use your Value Card, our school’s PTO automatically gets a donation from City Market. First you must sign up to register your card and link it to Pomona. Also, you must sign up anew every calendar year. Luckily, it only takes a minute. Just visit www.citymarketcommunityrewards.com and select Pomona as your charity of choice. It's an easy way to raise money for our school!

Thank you for supporting our PTO which in turn supports the Pomona students and their needs.