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Here is what we have on the calendar this year for PTO



City Market Card Fundraiser:


If your child has previously attended Pomona you may already be familiar with the

City Market Community Rewards Program. If you shop at City Market and use your Value Card, our school’s PTO automatically gets a donation from City Market.  

First you must sign up to register your card and link it to Pomona.

In previous years we were able to sign people up for the program using a paper form, however, now you must sign up online. Also, you must sign up anew every calendar year. Luckily, it only takes a minute.

Just visit www.citymarketcommunityrewards.com and select Pomona

as your charity of choice. It's an easy way to raise money for our school!

Thank you for supporting our PTO which in turn supports

the Pomona students and their needs.


PTO Minutes

January 24, 2017

In attendance: Connie Tipton, Melinda Uselman, Jessica Roethel, Mrs. Fischer, Mrs. McAtlin, Brenda Burton, Jenn Harris, Cheryl Masters, Kim Johansen, Amanda Stacy, Amanda Pittman, Mrs. Gabelson

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

November 2016 minutes approved.

Treasury report approved.

Science Night: 1/19. Very small turnout (90 people total).  Flyer was in Thursday Folders the week before but students did not receive stickers the day of, and no announcements or reminders were given.  We should try again next year but be sure to advertise enough.

Upcoming Events

Spell-a-Thon: Most of the meeting was spent assembling packets for the Spell-a-Thon.  Packets will be distributed to teachers when Amanda S. presents the Spell-a-Thon at the staff meeting on Wednesday 2/8.  Packets will go home with students on Wednesday 2/15.  Test on 3/1.  PTO members take tests home for grading that night and return them the next day to go home with students for donation collection on 3/2.  All donations due 3/9.  VIP party on Wednesday 3/15.  Awards assembly and Mrs. Larsen stunt on Friday 3/17. 

  • Prizes: $100 Visa gift card for overall highest earner.  $50 Visa gift card for highest earner in primary and intermediate (1 each).  All 100% scores receive a school store coupon, their name on the wall, and attend the VIP party (music, games, popcorn in gym).  Will have a VIP party in a.m. for K-2 and a party in p.m. for 3-5.  All students will receive a free Frosty coupon for participating.
  • Stunts: 3 options will be being taped to the wall (not high up), a pie in the face, and wearing a chicken costume all day.  Possibly send ballots go home with graded tests to encourage students to collect and return donations.  Goal of $6,500 must be reached.
  • Promotion: Amanda P., Brenda B., and Amanda S. will go to classes on 2/15 to present Spell-a-Thon to students.  They will dress like the 3 stunt options.  Brenda will make posters to show students.  Those posters (and others?) will be hung in main hallway and around school to keep students aware and excited about the event.  Mrs. Fischer is sending out an email to staff so they are aware of the Spell-a-Thon. Mrs. Gabelson will put all spelling lists on the school web site. 


Clusters: 4/28.  Mrs. Osborne and Amanda McQuade are in charge this year but they want someone to shadow them this year and take over next year. 

Staff Appreciation: 5/1-3. Kara Hotard had volunteered to be in charge.  Amanda P. will follow up with her.

Next Meeting 2/28.  Assign out Family Picnic responsibilities at that time. 

PTO Leadership Spell-a-Thon Meeting

January 3, 2017

In attendance: Amanda Pittman, Brenda Burton, Amanda Stacy

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy


  • Tuesday 1/24 (PTO meeting): Assemble packets
  • Wednesday 2/8: Amanda Stacy presents Spell-a-Thon to teachers at staff meeting.  Give teachers their class’s packets.  Teachers sign up for time slots for PTO visits to classes on 2/15.
  •  Wednesday 2/15: PTO leaders present Spell-a-Thon to students in classes.  Packets go home with students that night.
  • Wednesday 3/1: Spell-a-Thon test.  PTO members take tests home for grading that night and return them the next morning.
  • Thursday 3/2: Students take graded tests home for donation collection.
  • Thursday 3/9: All donation money due. (Possibly count money on Friday 3/10, no school.)
  • Wednesday 3/15: VIP assembly for all 100% grades.
  • Friday 3/17: Assembly in morning for presentation of prizes and Mrs. Larsen stunt (if goal is reached).



  • 3 Main Prizes – 1 overall highest earner; 1 highest earner in primary grades; 1 highest earner in intermediate grades.  VISA GIFT CARDS ($100 for overall highest, $50 for other 2).  Possibly present an oversized check at assembly. (Gift card in pot with gold filling, candy, etc.?)
  • 100% scores – School store coupon, name on wall, “VIP party”
  • All students – Free Frosty coupon


Amanda Stacy to follow up on party. Addendum: Party was verified by both Mrs. Larsen and Miss Theobold.  Wednesday 3/15.  Morning for primary grades, afternoon for intermediate grades.  Music, games, maybe popcorn in gym.

Amanda Pittman to follow up on Mrs. Larsen’s stunt choices and to finalize dates.  Also verify words lists and student count for each class.

Brenda Burton to organize and gather prizes.

Theme: St. Patrick’s Day (pot of gold, rainbow, shamrocks, etc.).  Need to make posters, costumes for class presentations, etc.  Posters should have important dates, prizes, and stunt options.

Packets include: Donation envelopes, letter, pledge sheet, word list, stunt ballots. 



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