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Here is what we have on the calendar this year for PTO

September 19
PTO Meeting in Library @ 4:05
September 27
Muffins for Moms in main hall @ 8:15
October 17
PTO Meeting in Library @ 4:05
October 18
Donuts for Dads in main hall @ 8:15


City Market Card Fundraiser:


If your child has previously attended Pomona you may already be familiar with the

City Market Community Rewards Program. If you shop at City Market and use your Value Card, our school’s PTO automatically gets a donation from City Market.  

First you must sign up to register your card and link it to Pomona.

Also, you must sign up anew every calendar year. Luckily, it only takes a minute.

Just visit www.citymarketcommunityrewards.com and select Pomona

as your charity of choice. It's an easy way to raise money for our school!

Thank you for supporting our PTO which in turn supports

the Pomona students and their needs.



August 22, 2017

Attendance was taken but not returned to secretary.  People present included Cheryl Masters, Natalie Gehl, Amanda Stacy, Brenda Burton, Mrs. Gabelson, Mrs. Cain, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. McAtlin, Mrs. McKinley, Melinda Uselman, Lori Wilson, and Cori Mather, among others.

Minutes taken by Amanda Stacy.

Minutes from April 25, 2017 meeting approved.

Treasury report approved.

We want to push the Remind app for parents to stay aware of what is going on and how they can help.  Info will be posted on the school FB page and in the newsletter. 

City Market—You only need to sign up once and never need to renew. 

Art Heritage needs more volunteers, especially for 4th grade. 

We have a lot of popcorn left from Back to School night.  Save it and use it for other events.

PTO EVENTS FOR 2017-2018


Ice Cream Social/Parent Info Night – Thursday, Sept. 7.  Ice cream 5-7 p.m., info in rooms 5:30-6 (K-2) and 6-6:30 (3-5).  Brenda Burton is in charge of this.  2 or 3 people will help pre-scoop.  Brenda will buy 2 chocolate, 2 cookies and cream, 2 strawberry, and 1 vanilla (3-gallon buckets), also bowls and spoons and rainbow sprinkles.  J  Brenda will make a flier to go out in Thursday folders and Rosanna will make stickers to put on kids that day.  We should also post this on FB.  Brenda will also make a poster showing times for classroom presentations. 

Muffins for Moms – Wednesday, Sept. 27.  8:00-8:45 a.m.  Natalie Gehl is in charge of this.  Need regular (cupcake-size) muffins rather than tiny ones.  Natalie will call around for sizes and prices.  Need 8 orange juices and more 9-ounce cups.  Need people to help set up and serve.

Donuts for Dads – Wednesday, Oct. 18.  8:00-8:45 a.m.  Same week as the Book Fair.  Will need a chairperson to be in charge of this.  Also need people to help set up, serve, and monitor library.

November – No PTO activity.

December – No PTO activity.  Discussed “Santa Shop” but too many concerns were expressed so we will not do it.  There will be a family caroling night but this is not a PTO activity.  (Popcorn could be used at that.)

Science Night – Usually in January but Math and Science Center will be closed for relocating.  Possibly move this to April when they are open in their new location.  Brenda Burton volunteered to be in charge of this.  Amanda McQuade is a contact for the M&S Center.

Spell-a-Thon – February-March.  Discussed timing, since it directly conflicts with Jump Rope for Heart.  Cannot move it to earlier in the year because kids won’t know words and there are too many fundraisers going on from other schools.  Discussed moving it to April and whether that would conflict with testing too much.  Mrs. McAtlin will ask the staff how they feel about it.  Otherwise, everything went very well last year and we discussed things that made it so successful so we can copy it again this year.  (Advertising, stunt from Mrs. Larsen, VIP party, $20 per person goal.)

Addendum: Mrs. McAtlin sent out an email to staff and the general consensus was to move it to April.

Clusters – April 27.  Natalie Gehl, Brenda Burton.

Staff Appreciation Week – April 30-May 2.  Need chairperson and plenty of time to plan.

Family Picnic – May 10.  Need chairperson and notes on last year’s numbers. 



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