Pomona Elementary School
Counselor's Corner

Our word for the month of February is Compassion.  Because Valentine’s Day falls in February it is a great opportunity to teach kids that compassion and friendship are extra special when they are gifts of kindness, time, respect, compassion and thoughtfulness. When expressed throughout the year, these gestures show others that ?I love you? means more than a candy heart or three words on a card.  Some ideas for practicing Compassion are:

*Volunteer for the afternoon at a local humane society, homeless shelter or food bank.

*Look for three opportunities to show compassion to another person during the week.

*Organize a program for the needy such as a food or clothing drive.

*Think about how it feels to be an only child, the oldest, middle or youngest child in the birth order. Identify the advantages and/or disadvantages of each. Discuss your feelings with your family.

*Hold a garage sale and donate all proceeds to a charitable organization. 

*Show respect for all living things. Collect harmless insects that get into the house and release them outside. Avoid purposely stepping on insects. Pick only the number of flowers that you need.

*Be a peacemaker when friends have a conflict. Remember that we all make mistakes.

*When watching television share your feelings if saddened by something on the news. Identify actions that show understanding and respect for the feelings of others, or the lack of it.

Rebecca Bradshaw

Pomona School Counselor