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A Note from the Principal

A Note from the Principal
Posted on 02/03/2020

A Note from Principal Pfaffendorf

One of my favorite proverbs is “Vision without action is a daydream, Action without vision is a nightmare.”  Japanese Proverb

Over the past weeks there have been many goals set. From reading, writing, math and science goals to personal growth goals. We like to keep those goals from becoming daydreams by adding action. We wanted to share a process that your children may use to check those goals. It is a process that takes the vision of a goal into action and outcomes.

The process is called Plan, Do, Check, Adjust (PDCA). Believe it or not you use this everyday. It goes something like this:

My goal: To get out of bed on time and get moving!

Plan: I plan to get out of bed (because) I have things to do.
Do: I put one foot on the floor and then the other foot.
Check: Are my feet on the floor and can I stand up without falling?
Check: My feet failed me, I have fallen out of bed and I am laying on the floor.
Adjust: If I am able to stand up and go, I need no adjustment.

Adjust: I didn't put my feet on the floor and now I must adjust my plan from getting out of bed, to getting off the floor.

This is a basic example that I think we can all relate to. We hope it shows how easy the PDCA process is, how we use it all the time, and how it can support our kids.

Here is a real example in school:

Goal: Stay focused during my writing times

Plan: I am going to stay focused in writing (because) I need to learn how to write a letter that has correct format so I can ask my parents for a game console.
Do: Watch the teachers model
Do: Compare my letter to the examples
Do: Talk to my teammates and get feedback
Check: Ask people to read my letter and see if it is convincing
Check: Give the letter to my parent or guardian and receive feedback
Adjust: If I convince my family to get a game console there is no need to adjust.
Adjust: I didn't convince anyone and I need a new plan! Talk to friends or teachers to learn a new format. Don't give up!
As you can see in the above example you can have multiple “do’s” and “checks”. That is part of the learning process. Your “adjust” is driven from the “check”
If you have set goals or are going to. We recommend using this process of reflection and action.

Need more information? Google PDCA or PDSA. Or stop in and visit.
If you ask your child about this and they don't know yet, it is a perfect opportunity to support them and teach them a process they already use to benefit them in their future.


 Bil Pfaffendorf

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